ERAS® Society Guidelines and WHO Surgical Safety Checklist come together

ERAS® multidisciplinary teams can now leverage two tools in one (2 in 1) to improve perioperative care. This tool was created with 105 experts from 18 countries and includes ERAS® specific items as well as checklist items. It is not designed for use by all teams in all settings. It brings surgical teams together to ensure a shared understanding for the treatment of ERAS® patients.

A consensus statement, just published in JAMA Surgery, suggests that an enhanced recovery after surgery surgical safety checklist could be implemented in place of an existing surgical safety checklist, with the goal of improving adherence with the individual tools to improve outcomes.

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Encare provides the ERAS® Interactive Audit System for continuous quality audit and follow-up of the ERAS® initiatives, complemented by extensive training programs, including the ERAS® Implementation Program.

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The Colorectal team from Spitalzentrum Oberwallis became ERAS® Qualified on 2 December, 2022 through team work and dedication from all involved. The ERAS® Clinical Expert, Dr Björn Wellge and Dr Annika Schaffrin and ERAS® Coach Freya Brodersen from the ERAS® Center of Excellence, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg Eppendorf have supported them throughout the ERAS® implementation. We wish them all continued success in their ERAS® work!


The recently ERAS® Qualified team of University Hospitals of Ohio, Cleveland, USA made national news for their work.

“ERAS is a patient-centered and evidence-based approach to surgery that has reduced length of stay and costs, improved pain scores and quality and reduced narcotics use,” added Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, Chief Quality and Clinical Transformation Officer at UH.”

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ERAS® QUALIFIED – University Hospitals of Ohio, Cleveland, USA

The colorectal surgery department of University Hospitals of Ohio, Cleveland, USA, lead by Dr Heather McMcFarland started their ERAS® Implementation Program in the midst of the pandemic and despite the challenges related thereto, they were able to master the implementation. Finally able to meet in person, they became ERAS® Qualified in connection with the ERAS® USA 5th Annual Congress on November 12. They were trained and coached by ERAS® Society representatives including Prof Tonia Young-Fadok of Mayo Clinic, Prof Olle Ljungqvist of Örebro University, ERAS® nurse Angie Balfour, Edinburgh and Sr Data Mgr Allyson Cochran, Atrium-Carolinas Medical Center. We wish them continued success in sustaining their good results and spreading ERAS® throughout the organization!

Ms Naomi Compton, the ERAS® Nurse Coordinator gives additional details about the implementation:

“In June 2022 I joined the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) team at University Hospitals as the full-time ERAS nurse coordinator. I was fortunate to inherit a robust system that had already rolled out 12 service lines to multiple different hospitals and had inputted the first 50 patients into the ERAS Interactive Audit System (EIAS). In addition, the first two stages of the ERAS Implementation Program (EIP) had already been completed. My role and that of the ERAS Operations Data Analyst, Magdalen Canitia, was to bring the program over the finish line. This meant improving some of our compliance measures and entering the patient data into the EIAS for evaluation.

The first time Magdalen and I entered a patient into the EIAS we met at a Starbucks and it took us three hours to enter one patient! Each question seemed impossible to find in our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and I had a background working in PACU and IT utilizing our EMR, so I really felt as though I was an expert. Two people taking three hours to enter one patient seemed as though entering all of the patients we wanted to review was going to be impossible! Luckily over time, we became much quicker, we knew what information the EIAS system was looking for and could narrow it down to the few areas within our EMR where it would be documented. We finally streamlined the process so that we could enter a patient into the EIAS in about 20 minutes. The ensuing data and evaluation allowed us to gain a focus on protocol compliance improvement.

We chose to work on the post-operative time period and specifically two areas that we were struggling with; post-op weights and post-op ambulation. The EIAS gave us the ability to monitor these two measures and we saw a significant improvement in our compliance and a subsequent improvement in patient outcomes. This led to an increase in the overall ERAS compliance measures, and we presented the University Hospital data at the 5th annual ERAS USA conference in Washington DC. Following the EIP and using EIAS allowed University Hospitals to become an ERAS Qualified Center.
In the future we are going to continue to use the EIAS to input patients on a regular basis, we will then use this information to continue to grow and perfect the University Hospitals ERAS program. We have come a long way from that initial three-hour session at Starbucks!”

Rasmus Waller appointed new CEO at Encare

Rasmus Waller has been appointed the new CEO of Encare. ​

Prior to joining Encare, he served as a CCO for Platform24, the market-leading player of digital platforms for virtual healthcare. Rasmus Waller took office on August 25.​

Rasmus Waller started as the new CEO at Encare on August 25. Most recently, he served as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Platform 24, the market-leading player in virtual care for both public healthcare providers and health insurance companies. Previously, he served as Vice President of Sales at the medical record system company Cambio Healthcare System and was responsible for several international ventures, among other things. In total, Rasmus Waller has more than 20 years of health tech experience.​

“We are very pleased to welcome Rasmus Waller as CEO of Encare. Rasmus deeply understands the healthcare market and has a well-proven track record of building strong customer relationships and managing rapid growth in Sweden and abroad. With his drive and business acumen, he will be able to lead Encare’s operations forward following our offensive strategy,” says Sören Johansson, chairman of the board at Encare.​

Rasmus Waller takes office in conjunction with the company’s capital raising of SEK 26 million in a share issue led by Sciety. The new capital will accelerate international expansion and strengthen the organization in product development.​

“I am thrilled to take on this new challenge and responsibility of leading Encare, a company with a unique offer and positioning. Few health tech companies can offer a solution whose beneficial effects – better and more cost-effective healthcare – are repeatedly proven in published studies. It is also fascinating that Encare is a global company that operates on five continents. I see great opportunities for Encare to accelerate its growth, and I hope to be able to contribute with my drive and experience in growing companies when Encare is now scaling up. And I look forward to doing my best to complement an already solid team on this journey”, says Rasmus Waller.​

“I also want to take the opportunity to thank Anna Pettersson as interim CEO and Sören Johansson as working chairman of the board for his work with the share issue. As a result, Encare can now accelerate globally while we develop our internal organization”, says Rasmus Waller. ​


A second team of the Medica Uruguaya Corp de Asistencia Médica, Uruguay completed a Gynaecology implementation after a lot of hard work and determination and have now been ERAS® Qualified.They were trained by Prof Adrian Alvarez and Dr Uriel Fraidenraij of ERAS® Center of Excellence, University Hospital Italiano, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Encare has raised SEK 26 million to accelerate global expansion

Encare has raised SEK 26 million to accelerate global expansion

Encare has raised SEK 26 million in an issue led by Sciety. The new capital will accelerate our international growth and further develop the web-based SaaS-solution that contributes to improving surgical outcomes.

“We are happy to note the great interest in Encare, despite the difficult market situation. This capital injection makes it possible to continue expanding our business and develop our SaaS- solution that helps healthcare providers reduce suffering and costs associated with surgery,” says Sören Johansson, chairman of the board of Encare.
Encare has developed a unique software solution enabling healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care before, during, and after surgical procedures. The cloud-based, interactive software facilitates a qualitative and effective implementation and follow-up of ERAS® (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) treatment guidelines based on research and best practice from around the world.

The new capital of SEK 26 million was invested by the Sciety syndicate, a leading investor in Nordic life science and digital health.
“Working with Sciety, we have not only received capital but also specialist expertise and a strong network of people in the industry. Sciety is an established investment player and an experienced and knowledgeable partner who can give us the best conditions to develop our products further and support us when our company expands,” says Encare’s CEO, Rasmus Waller.
Encare already has a large international customer base with more than 140 hospitals in 25 different countries, and data from Encare’s customers shows significant quality improvements and savings. This has resulted in great interest from all parts of the world.
Encare is now planning for a continued expansion to gain additional market share in the more than 17,000 emergency hospitals that perform advanced surgery in Europe and North America.
“With the new capital, we gain additional power to accelerate our international expansion and further strengthen our product development organisation,” says Rasmus Waller, CEO.
Every year around 300 million surgical procedures are carried out worldwide – but one in four patients suffers from complications. About half of these, 37 million, could be avoided. Complications resulting from various healthcare interventions are today a leading cause of death and entail high healthcare costs worldwide.
“We are very pleased to be able to help Encare on the way to their goal of minimising unnecessary complications that too many patients suffer after surgery, thereby reducing both suffering and costs. The company already has an international clientele and is on the threshold of even broader international expansion, which makes this an extra exciting investment,” says Andreas Lindblom, Managing Partner at Sciety.
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Professor Olle Ljungqvist receives the international ISS/SIC Prize 2022 from the Société Internationale de Chirurgie

We are happy to announce that the former Chairman of the ERAS® Society, Professor Olle Ljungqvist, has been awarded the prestigious international ISS/SIC Prize 2022 from the Société Internationale de Chirurgie. The prize is awarded to the surgeon who’s published work has made most notable and useful contribution to Surgical Science.

Professor Olle Ljungqvist and his research team have for more than 20 years worked on developing methods to improve care during extensive surgeries – ERAS® – enhanced recovery after surgery. In implementing ERAS®, different professions in healthcare work together to achieve a better result. Interventions before, during and after the surgery are included in the scientifically prepared program.

“I am extremely honoured to receive this recognition“, says Olle Ljungqvist. “We have developed processes that mean that patients who undergo major operations recover faster and have fewer complications“.

The award ceremony was held in connection with the International Surgical Week held in Vienna, Austria in August 2022.

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ERAS®: How to comprehensively prepare a patient for surgery – how it is done in Uruguay

Dr. Marcelo Viola Malet, Vice President of ERAS® Latin America is engaged with spreading ERAS®; currently two institutions in Uruguay; Médica Uruguaya (MUCAM) and the Centro de Asistencia Médica del Oeste de Colonia (CAMOC), in Carmelo. Their work was recently presented at the ERAS® World Congress in Madrid, Spain showing that

  • “in Uruguay hospitalization was shortened to an average of 3 or 4 days; Surgery mortality and complications are in a similar range to other parts of the world, and functional recovery and postoperative pain are excellent.”
  • He further confirmed that applying ERAS® “should not be evaluated as an expense but as an investment for what is saved in a year.” “In colon oncology surgery, 30% of the cost of the surgery is usually saved, including care, hospitalization, and equipment,” he stressed.

An article was just published in Diary el Pais, the most important newspaper in Uruguay. https://www.elpais.com.uy/vida-actual/preparar-forma-integral-paciente-cirugia-uruguay.html?utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_nPs99Kwah0uJovWCBDd2UXdPzRfpH6rNo1ofKhXZnaq7W1L5OhXh1Nn07FPAcVkpDGRlw

Encare offers the ERAS® Interactive Audit System for continuous quality audit and follow-up of the ERAS® work in combination with extensive training programs including the ERAS® Implementation Program ERAS® Implementation Program.

Please contact us for details on how to be set up with the ERAS® Interactive Audit System.



The Colorectal Team of ICESP – Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo. Octávio Frias De Oliveira initially started their ERAS® Implementation Program in November of 2019. Throughout the pandemic and its challenges they have mastered and were ERAS® Qualified on June 20, 2022. They were trained by Prof Adrian Alvarez and Dr Uriel Fraidenraij of ERAS® Center of Excellence, University Hospital Italiano, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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