ERAS® is short for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery and is a treatment program based on the best available medical science. Numerous research reports have shown that employing ERAS as opposed to traditional care has marked effects on recovery. In many events, recovery time can be shortened by 30% or more and complication rates after the surgery by at least as much.
ERAS is a multimodal perioperative care pathway designed to achieve early recovery for patients undergoing major surgery. Involving several medical professions to re-examine its traditional practices and replacing them with evidence based best practices. When implemented, proven results show, improved quality of care, i.e. reduced number of complications, hospital stay and re-admissions; increased efficiency resulting in reduced healthcare costs while increasing patient and staff satisfaction.


The ERAS® Society, a non-profit medical organization, was formed in 2001 with the aim to establish evidence based protocols as best practice standards in perioperative care. Its mission is to develop perioperative care and improve recovery through research, education, audit and implementation of evidence based best practice. The ERAS Society has published a wide range of publications regarding protocols and guidelines for enhanced recovery after surgery


In 2009, Encare was established to, in co-operation with the ERAS® Society, build and become the provider of the most comprehensive, interactive and web-based information management system for evidence based – best practice management. Encare provides a software tool, EIAS (ERAS® Interactive Audit System) and the training program EIP (ERAS® Implementation Program) that are developed, based on the published guidelines for best practice from the ERAS® Society.