ERAS®: How to comprehensively prepare a patient for surgery – how it is done in Uruguay

Dr. Marcelo Viola Malet, Vice President of ERAS® Latin America is engaged with spreading ERAS®; currently two institutions in Uruguay; Médica Uruguaya (MUCAM) and the Centro de Asistencia Médica del Oeste de Colonia (CAMOC), in Carmelo. Their work was recently presented at the ERAS® World Congress in Madrid, Spain showing that

  • “in Uruguay hospitalization was shortened to an average of 3 or 4 days; Surgery mortality and complications are in a similar range to other parts of the world, and functional recovery and postoperative pain are excellent.”
  • He further confirmed that applying ERAS® “should not be evaluated as an expense but as an investment for what is saved in a year.” “In colon oncology surgery, 30% of the cost of the surgery is usually saved, including care, hospitalization, and equipment,” he stressed.

An article was just published in Diary el Pais, the most important newspaper in Uruguay.

Encare offers the ERAS® Interactive Audit System for continuous quality audit and follow-up of the ERAS® work in combination with extensive training programs including the ERAS® Implementation Program ERAS® Implementation Program.

Please contact us for details on how to be set up with the ERAS® Interactive Audit System.


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