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Q: How to get on board with ERAS?®

A: If you are new to the ERAS® Protocols, we recommend that you and your perioperative team all attend the ERAS® Implementation Program (EIP)  offered by Encare.

Q: How many ERAS® Protocols are available in the ERAS® Interactive Audit System?

A: For a current listing of available ERAS® Protocols, please see here to explore our Protocols page and learn more.

Q: How is the data analyzed?

A: Once the data is registered into EIAS, the licensed hospital staff can have access to the Reports section of the EIAS and compare compliance to the ERAS® Protocol and associated outcomes. Watch this video this video and see how one can analyze their data efficiently, and in-real time, with the new generation of the EIAS.

Which hospitals are ERAS® Qualified?

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