It is our vision to digitalize science to help save lives and improve quality of life. We are proud of the changes in healthcare that we have already helped bring about:

  • Improved recovery after surgery
  • Shorter hospitalization
  • Improved quality of life
  • And lives saved

Encare was established in 2009 to develop and implement the ERAS® protocols globally. The ERAS® Society, a non-profit scientific organization, develops perioperative care protocols and improves postoperative recovery through research, education, auditing and the application of scientific, evidence-based best practice. Since its foundation, the ERAS® Society has published a wide range of peer-reviewed publications that establishes, changes and updates best practice.

Vital protocols digitally available

At Encare we transform and digitalize the science in the ERAS® Protocols, making them widely available and applicable to healthcare professionals and patients. For patients, each ERAS® Protocol can result in fewer complications and enhanced recovery after surgery. Thereby ERAS® is both life-saving and life changing. To healthcare providers and hospitals, each ERAS® Protocol increases professionalism, improves job satisfaction, and lowers costs.

Highest scientific standard for improved care

Since Encare’s foundation in 2009, we have developed an interactive, user-friendly interface, the ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS), for collection, documentation and follow up on critical performance and quality parameters as outlined by leading clinical experts in respective ERAS® Protocols. The data collected in EIAS is interactive and offers immediate feedback generating significant and sustainable improvement of efficiency and quality of care as well as generate substantial cost savings. Encare has the rights to commercialize surgical protocols developed by the ERAS® Society.


We lead the digitalisation of medical science and transforms it into best clinical practise.


We develop interactive digital tools and services to support healthcare professionals to implement and sustain best clinical practice for improved quality of care and health economics.


Through our values you can learn what we champion and what is important to us. Our values reflect how we perceive our work and conduct ourselves. And how we work together with you.

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We value and compile knowledge, we accelerate it, and we share it. With ERAS®, the patient is at the centre. That demands multidisciplinary co-operation, communication and information sharing. Compiling and sharing knowledge benefits patients, professionals and the health care ecosystem.
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We embrace and inspire change, and we systemize it to the benefit of the patient, clinic and hospital. Scientific evaluation of methods are continuously delivered to ERAS® via Encare, thus improving patient outcomes, improving quality of care, and saving lives.
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Caring for patients is at the heart of what we do. We care about data based on continued scientific collection of experience. We care about the details. ERAS® improves patient outcomes because Encare provides a platform for professionals to collect, systemize and optimize methods - leading to increased quality of life, greater employee retention, and reduced costs.
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We are stronger working together. Also when it comes to delivering the best possible patient outcomes. Encare inspires a multidisciplinary and transparent approach where professionals work together to improve outcome for patients, professionals, and healthcare ecosystems. Together, professionals can lead the way to a better quality of life.
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We share knowledge. ERAS® is built on the principle of sharing data, details and outcomes for the benefit of the patient. The digital Encare-platform enhance this. We share responsibility - everyone in the hospital value the chain matters when it comes to providing the best patient outcomes possible. We also share interests with patients, relatives, professionals and the decision makers in establishing healthcare systems based on evidence and best practice to optimize outcomes and reduce costs - humans as well as financial.
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