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Encare enables continuous data-driven improvement of patient outcomes based on best-practice and the latest research

Encare digitalizes the ERAS® protocols under the ERAS® Society’s scientific supervision. It is our vision to lead the digitalization of medical science and transform it into best clinical practice for improved quality of care and health economics. We are proud of the changes in healthcare that we have already helped bring about:
  • Improved recovery after surgery
  • Shorter hospitalization
  • Improved quality of life
  • And lives saved

Encare was established in 2009 to develop and implement the ERAS® protocols globally. The ERAS® Society, a non-profit scientific organization, develops perioperative care protocols and improves postoperative recovery through research, education, auditing and the application of scientific, evidence-based best practice. Since its foundation, the ERAS® Society has published a wide range of peer-reviewed publications that establishes, changes and updates best practice. Encare has the rights to commercialize surgical protocols developed by the ERAS® Society.

At Encare we transform and digitalize the science in the ERAS® Protocols, making them widely available and applicable to healthcare professionals and patients. For patients, each ERAS® Protocol can result in fewer complications and enhanced recovery after surgery. Thereby ERAS® is both life-saving and life changing. To healthcare providers and hospitals, each ERAS® Protocol increases professionalism, improves job satisfaction, and lowers costs.

Encare has developed an interactive, user-friendly interface, the ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS), for collection, documentation and follow up on critical performance and quality parameters as outlined by leading clinical experts in respective ERAS® Protocols. The data collected in EIAS is interactive and offers immediate feedback generating significant and sustainable improvement of efficiency and quality of care as well as generating substantial cost savings.

Encare’s ERAS® Implementation Program (EIP) is an implementation and training program designed to assist perioperative care teams to implement, reach and maintain a high compliance level across the different ERAS® Protocols. EIP is led together with leading clinical experts from the ERAS® Society, dependent on the EIAS protocol type being implemented.

Our Values

Through our values you can learn what we champion and what is important to us. Our values eflect how we perceive our  work and conduct ourselves. And how we work together with you.
ERAS® is a multimodal perioperative care pathway designed to achieve early recovery for patients undergoing major surgery. Encare is endorsed by and works together with the ERAS® society, a not-for-profit organization aiming to improve perioperative care and enhance postoperative recovery through implementation of evidence-based practice, audit, education and research.
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