Audit System

Why choose the ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS)

EIAS - ERAS Interactive Audit System
  • Compliance – ensures teams work in compliance with the ERAS® protocols
  • Implementation – helps hospital teams to implement and retain best practice
  • Quality improvement with real time analysis
  • Research tool – tailored for audits and prospective randomized clinical trials

What is EIAS?

The ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS), developed by Encare, is based on ERAS® Society’s best practice guidelines. This user-friendly interface allows for data collection, documentation, and feedback on critical performance and care quality parameters. 

EIAS provides immediate feedback for care quality improvements and cost savings. Hospital staff can monitor adherence to ERAS® guidelines, assessing the link between compliance and outcomes, enhancing care throughout surgical processes. 

Being web-based, EIAS needs no software installation and serves as a decision support system, ensuring sustained adherence to ERAS® Protocols. 

This ensures shorter patient recovery, fewer complications, and enhanced care quality. Continuous analysis and improvements via EIAS elevate care quality and staff motivation.

See the video below for a detailed overview.

More reasons to choose EIAS

Go further with features that give you more power and flexibility.
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Easy to Use

Our interactive platform is intuitive and built with simplicity in mind.

Continuously Updated

The platform is continuously updated to comply with best practice based on recent research.


That means no software to be downloaded and you can access your platform from any desktop and expand your menu of protocols with ease.

Data Driven

Work in a data driven way by following your progress and compliance.

One tool, many applications

The ERAS® Interactive Audit System can be applied in various ways, including being used as a tool to support best practice, implementation, quality registry, quality improvement, and research. Learn more below.

Implementation Tool

EIAS helps hospital teams implement ERAS® and get full control.

Best Practice Tool

EIAS helps hospital teams maintain and improve adherence to ERAS® guidelines – new features and protocols will be added with guidance from ERAS® Society.

Quality Registry &
Improvement Tool

Clinical data registry provides valuable information to hospital teams to audit and improve the care they provide to patients

Research Tool

The EIAS is tailored for audits and prospective randomized clinical trials.

ERAS Protocols

The ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS) is available for a number of specialties, i.e. ERAS® Protocols based on the published ERAS® Guidelines. ERAS® Protocols are periodically updated and improved by the ERAS® Society Guideline groups. This ensures that your best practice surgical guidelines are always at hand, resulting in a better patient experience of care. In addition to this, there are several other surgical areas where ERAS® Society Guidelines are being developed and scheduled for release as ERAS® protocols within the ERAS® Interactive Audit System platform.

Explore the current EIAS supported ERAS® Protocols below.

Learn more about the best way to set up your ERAS® best practice and get the training you need


Q: How is the information entered into the EIAS?

A: Licensed hospital staff of the EIAS are given access to the software for data entry as well as accompanying documentation and tutorials. Most of the information required to be registered into EIAS can be found in existing patient records in the electronic health record systems (EHR), patient diaries or similar systems. Encare is currently working on integrations with some of the largest EHR systems.

Q: How many ERAS® Protocols are available in the ERAS Interactive Audit System?

A: For a current listing of available ERAS® Protocols, please see here to explore our Protocols page and learn more.

Q: How is the data analyzed?

A: Once the data is registered into EIAS, the licensed hospital staff can have access to the Reports section of the EIAS and compare compliance to the ERAS® Protocol and associated outcomes. Watch this video and see how one can analyze their data efficiently, and in-real time, with the new generation of the EIAS.

Improve Patient Outcomes while also Reducing Cost

Our team can provide you with an estimate of your potential cost savings when implementing ERAS®.

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