New COVID-19 Tracking in the EIAS

If you are using the EIAS in your ERAS® work, please note that the EIAS has been updated with a field so that you are able to add information about your patient’s COVID-19 status; all based on the WHO Clinical Coding for COVID-19. This will beneficial for you to keep track of the patient’s status and identify how the patient’s COVID-19 status affects the outcome of your care.


COVID-19 status field in the EIAS

The options “Recovered” and “Unknown” are added in the system to accumulate a wider range of COVID related data. Since some studies show long term effects in COVID patients, this data can be used to study how these cases respond to recovery after surgery in the long run.

EIAS Parameters to Keep An Eye on during COVID-19

The surgical impact of COVID-19 has shifted to multimodal factors that are affected by the influx of COVID-affected patients in hospitals and healthcare centers. Among many, a few defined challenges faced by hospitals are the availability of ICU units and hospital beds. This further adds to the significance of implementing ERAS® Society recommendations for faster recovery of surgical patients with significantly reduced postOp complications (ERAS® Society Statement).


In the EIAS, there are some parameters in the Analysis & Report section that may be of high value to you for planning backlog surgeries and identifying the best perioperative measures. A tutorial can be found here.

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