Encare was founded in 2009 and its business is based on evidence based best practice protocols developed by our strategic scientific partner; ERAS Society, a non-profit medical organization. Encare has the world wide right to commercialize current and future ERAS® Protocols by
• providing an interactive and web-based information system for evidence based medicine – best practice management (EBM)
• providing training to health care professionals on the ERAS® Protocols

Encare is committed to, increase its value to customers, employees and shareholders by profitably providing products and services to markets on a global basis. At the same time the company shall uphold a high level of ethical standards.

Encare recognizes the role each employee plays in the organization’s success. The company undertakes to provide a motivating and satisfying work environment, which nurtures, rewards and retains talent and integrity. Encare operates an equal opportunities policy recognizing and respecting individual’s cultural and societal beliefs. The company and its employees shall abide the laws of the countries in which we operate, following industry codes of practice and Encare’s Code of Conduct.

Encare is committed to behaving in a fair, honest and transparent manner, which enables long-term, positive relationships to be built on solid foundations of trust and credibility. The company recognizes the role all of its stakeholders in the success of the organization and welcome and respect their input and opinions.

Encare is committed to being seen as a positive member of each and every community it is part of and hopes to inspire innovation in the communities in which it operates.

Encare is conscious of the role that all companies must play in protecting the environment and strives to operate in the most sustainable fashion.

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