Eras USA

ERAS stands for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. Encare provides ERAS in USA by offering our digital platform EIAS (ERAS Interactive Audit System) based on the application of ERAS® Society Guidelines. EIAS contributes to saved lives, improved quality of care and more efficient healthcare spend.

For patients who undergo elective surgery in USA, it is more important than ever to implement ERAS, given the increased importance to avoid complications, intensive care admission and to have patients in a condition to leave the hospital as soon as possible.

ERAS Training programs in USA – EIP

We also offer training programs to implement ERAS and EIAS at your location in USA. After successfully completed our ERAS Implementation Program (EIP), hospitals and clinics become ERAS® Qualified Centers or ERAS® Centers of Excellence.

ERAS Qualified Centers in USA

At present, the Atrium Health’s Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, the Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston and the Mayo Clinic Arizona in Scottsdale are qualified as ERAS® Centers of Excellence. In addition the Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford and the TriStar Centennial Medical Center in Nashville are ERAS® Qualified Centers.

The most recent ERAS® qualified center in USA is the colorectal surgery department of University Hospitals of Ohio, Cleveland, lead by Dr Heather McFarland. The unit started their ERAS® Implementation Program (EIP) in the midst of the pandemic and became ERAS® Qualified on November 12 in 2022. They were trained and coached by ERAS® Society representatives including Prof Tonia Young-Fadok of Mayo Clinic, Prof Olle Ljungqvist of Örebro University, ERAS® nurse Angie Balfour, Edinburgh and Sr Data Mgr Allyson Cochran, Atrium-Carolinas Medical Center.

Ms Naomi Compton, the ERAS® Nurse Coordinator gives additional details about the implementation:

“…We chose to work on the post-operative time period and specifically two areas that we were struggling with; post-op weights and post-op ambulation. The EIAS gave us the ability to monitor these two measures and we saw a significant improvement in our compliance and a subsequent improvement in patient outcomes. This led to an increase in the overall ERAS compliance measures, and we presented the University Hospital data at the 5th annual ERAS USA conference in Washington DC. Following the EIP and using EIAS allowed University Hospitals to become an ERAS® Qualified Center.

In the future we are going to continue to use the EIAS to input patients on a regular basis, we will then use this information to continue to grow and perfect the University Hospitals ERAS program.”

See all ERAS® Qualified Centers word wide listed in our map.

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