ERAS® Society Guidelines and WHO Surgical Safety Checklist come together

ERAS® multidisciplinary teams cane now leverage two tools in 1 (2 in 1) to improve perioperative care. This tool was created with 105 experts from 18 countries & includes ERAS specific items as well as checklist items. It is not designed for use by all teams in all settings… It brings surgical teams together to ensure a shared understanding for the treatment of ERAS patients.

A consensus statement, just published in Jama Surgery, suggest tat an enhanced recovery after surgery surgical safety check list could be implemented in place on an existing surgical safety checklist, with the goal of improving adherence with the individual tools to improve outcomes.

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Encare offers the ERAS® Interactive Audit System for continuous quality audit and follow-up of the ERAS® work in combination with extensive training programs including the ERAS® Implementation Program ERAS® Implementation Program.

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