The ERAS® Implementation Program (EIP)

The ERAS® Implementation Program (EIP) is based on a validated change process methodology. It is the initial training program based on client's self assessment and patient data regarding current practice, which is used as a base-line for change. The EIP is structured around multiple seminars and work at home periods, guided and followed up by an ERAS® Coach. It involves multi-discipline teams in order to secure compliance throughout the value chain, and the local coordinator drives process...

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ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS)

The ERAS® Interactive Audit System, EIAS, is a web-based data entry and analysis system used to facilitate the implementation of and monitor compliance to the ERAS® Protocols. The EIAS is a quality and decision support system that helps the hospital perioperative team ensure compliance to the ERAS® Protocols. Once implemented, EIAS gives immediate feedback regarding any deviation from best practice.

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