ERAS®: How to comprehensively prepare a patient for surgery – how it is done in Uruguay

Two Uruguayan health institutions apply a perioperative care model that guarantees fewer days of hospitalization and less postoperative pain, among other benefits.

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Next Phase of ERAS® – Opportunities & Challenges

To date, ERAS has achieved significant benefit for patients and health systems; however, improvements are still needed, particularly in the areas of patient optimization and systematic implementation. During this time of global crisis, the ERAS method of delivering care is required to take surgery and anesthesia to the next level and bring improvements in outcomes to both patients and health systems.

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ERAS® – A Success from the Nurse’s Perspective

A newly published article based on a survey among ERAS® Nurses, brings up factors such as improving patient outcomes and satisfaction being rated as main motivators for an ERAS® implementation. Further, in order to sustain a successful ERAS® Implementation, factors such as continuous staff education and coordination beyond the implementation period, appear to be of utmost importance.

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Alberta Health Services in Canada have been adopting the ERAS® program for several years showing good results. They have performed a return on investment analysis based on their implementation of several protocols (colorectal, pancreas, cystectomy, liver and gynecology) throughout 9 hospitals including about 10,000 patients. Their result shows a return of investment ratio of 1.05 to 7.31, meaning that every dollar invested in ERAS® brought $1.05 to $7.31 in return. 

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Turning “waiting lists” for elective surgery into “preparation lists”-BJA

Turning “waiting lists” for elective surgery into “preparation lists” In a new editorial in the British Journal of Anaesthesia, Prof Dileep Lobo and colleagues argue that it is time to sit back and rethink how we view ‘waiting lists’ for elective surgery. The article is titled “Turning ‘waiting lists’ for elective surgery into

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The post Covid-19 surgical backlog: Now is the time to implement ERAS®

The post Covid-19 surgical backlog: Now is the time to implement ERAS® Applying ERAS® to reduce the Post Covid-19 Surgical backlog while at the same time “massively improve patient safety and outcomes” as well as “increasing capacity and driving down cost of care”. Members of the ERAS® Society Executive Committee; Prof Olle Ljungqvist,

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ERAS® in Gynecology Surgery decreases cost per patient by more than $4000

Based on real costs and including specific costs due to the implementation, the ERAS program in gynecologic surgery induced significant decrease of overall costs by $4.381 per patient.

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