Implementation of ERAS® shows a return on investment of up to 7 times

Canada Journal of Surgery


Alberta Health Services in Canada have been adopting the ERAS® program for several years showing good results. They have performed a return on investment analysis based on their implementation of several protocols (colorectal, pancreas, cystectomy, liver and gynecology) throughout 9 hospitals including about 10,000 patients. Their result shows a return of investment ratio of 1.05 to 7.31, meaning that every dollar invested in ERAS® brought $1.05 to $7.31 in return. Read more here.

Encare offers the ERAS® Interactive Audit System for continuous quality audit and follow-up of the ERAS® work and is available including Protocols for the surgical areas of Colorectal, Gynecology, Urology/Cystectomy, Pancreas, Liver, Bariatric, Head & Neck, and Breast Reconstruction.

Please contact us for details on how to be set up with the ERAS® Interactive Audit System.

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