Rasmus Waller – Encare’s new CEO on the exciting road ahead​

Rasmus Waller is the new CEO of Encare. He took office right in the middle of an exciting phase when the company raised SEK 26 million to accelerate its international expansion and strengthen the organization for product development. So, who is he, and why is he the right person to lead Encare on this journey?​

Rasmus Waller took office as the new CEO of Encare on August 25. Before joining Encare, he served as CCO for Platform24, the market-leading player of digital platforms for virtual healthcare. Previously, he served as Vice President of Sales at the medical record system company Cambio Healthcare System. Rasmus has worked in health tech for more than 20 years.​

Tell us, why did you take on the role of CEO of Encare?​

” I was immediately attracted to Encare’s unique offer and positioning. Only a few health tech companies can offer a solution whose beneficial effects – better and more cost-effective healthcare – are repeatedly proven in published studies.​

I was also very impressed with Encare’s global customer base. As far as I know, there are no other Swedish health tech companies apart from a couple of large and well-established corporations that are genuinely global. Encare has customers on all five continents. ​

Encare also has a very experienced and competent team and a committed and experienced board. With these conditions, I see great opportunities for accelerated growth.”​

In what way are your experiences and skills relevant to the role of CEO at Encare?​

“For almost twenty years, I have worked as a sales manager in various positions within health tech. During this period, I have understood how the e-health market and its players perform and how to handle rapid growth.​

At Cambio, a provider of healthcare medical record systems that most Swedish regions use, I was responsible for their French investment, the Danish market, and commercially responsible for the most significant procurements, including the SUSSA procurement.​

Most recently, I was involved in establishing Platform24 as the market leader in virtual care for both public healthcare providers and healthcare insurance companies. I am also a board member of Pulsen Omsorg, which delivers business systems to social services.”​

How will you contribute to Encare expanding?​

“With my deep understanding of the eHealth market and how to successfully manage and develop customer relationships in this market. These are usually long relationships based on mutually earned trust.​

I will also be able to contribute with my energy and experience of growth journeys. I am motivated by growth and see an enjoyable and challenging journey ahead for the team and me. Also, I hope my passion for delivering better, more cost-effective patient care will positively impact the team and Encare’s relationships.”​

What is your goal for Encare?​

“In the short term, I aim to ensure the organization is ready for rapid growth. Long-term, my and Encare’s goal is to reduce the complications and costs associated with surgery. We will do this by helping healthcare providers worldwide follow international treatment guidelines before, during, and after major surgical procedures.​

To achieve this, we must develop and strengthen our commercial capabilities and increase product delivery. I look forward to and hope to complement an excellent and dedicated team on our journey towards these goals.”​

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