Ospedale Santa Maria becomes an ERAS® Qualified Center

The Chirurgia Generale e Bariatrica- Ospedale Santa Maria S.p.A. (General and Bariatric Surgery, Santa Maria Hospital), G.V.M. Group, Bari, Italy recently completed their ERAS® Implementation Program within Bariatric Surgery.

Lead by Doctor Antonio Braun, they have been able to implement and improve their perioperative processes and show tremendous results to now become an ERAS® Qualified Center in less than a year.

Their compliance to the ERAS® Society guidelines were high initially and despite this, they were able to further increase this and as a result further improve their patient’s outcome.

The team has been supported by Encare’s partner Medtronic and they were trained by Dr Guido Liddo, Dr Stéphane Ilunga and ERAS® Coach Agathe Gennin of the ERAS® Center of Excellence Valenciennes Hospital, France.

We wish them continued success in sustaining their ERAS® work and improve care for their patients!

To learn more how to become ERAS® Qualified, please read here https://encare.net/eip-eras-implementation-program/

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