Launching: The New ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS)

It is high time to implement ERAS® to:

  • reduce the post COVID-19 surgical backlog1
  • improve patient safety and outcomes2,3,4
  • increase capacity and drive down cost of care2,3
  • reduce staff workload5

The new ERAS® Interactive Audit System is finally here! The new EIAS helps hospital teams implement ERAS® and get full control. It is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that helps you implement ERAS® and stay updated with ERAS® best practices. Complying to the ERAS® Protocols will help your team decrease complications after surgery and improve your patients’ outcome, thereby shortening the length of stay.

Implementation Tool

EIAS helps hospital teams implement ERAS® and get full control.

Quality Registry & Management Tool

Clinical data registry provides valuable information to hospital teams to audit and improve the care they provide to patients.

data entry- new EIAS

Best Practice Tool

EIAS helps hospital teams maintain and improve adherence to ERAS® guidelines – new features and protocols will be added with guidance from ERAS® Society.

Research Tool

EIAS is tailored for audit research and prospective randomized trials.

Interested to know about the new ERAS® Interactive Audit System? Click the button to the right and get a demo for your needs.


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