If you are new to the ERAS® Protocols, we recommend that you and your perioperative team all attend the ERAS® Implementation Program (EIP). The EIP is a comprehensive training program which is suitable for your whole perioperative team, running over an 8 to 10-month period and where the use of the ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS) is an integral part.

The ERAS® Implementation Program is an ERAS® specific training program designed and customized in such a way that you and your perioperative care team will find it easy to implement, reach and maintain at a high compliance level across the different ERAS® Protocols that are available. The focus is on building well-functioning teams from various units involved in surgical care, introducing highly specific changes to current routines to conform to best practice and providing the tools to monitor and analyse the effects of those changes through the ERAS® Interactive Audit System.

The ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS) is a web-based audit and analysis system used to facilitate implementation and monitor compliance to the ERAS® protocols. EIAS is a quality and decision support system providing data to help you ensure that compliance to the specific ERAS® protocol, once implemented, is upheld and gives immediate feedback regarding any deviation from best practice.

A key focus of the system is ease of use to ensure widespread dissemination. Today hospitals throughout the world use this system to continuously audit their progress and help them maintain the improvements over time. See all ERAS® Qualified Centers.