How is data handled?

Data entered into EIAS by the licensed hospital staff may be used for further research upon approval by the patient. Further the data is only accessible by licensed hospital staff and the software provider for support and maintenance. The hospital staff and/or the patient may at any given time request to have the data removed.

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How is the data Analyzed?

Once the data is entered, the licensed hospital staff access the Analysis & Reports section of the EIAS software to compare compliance to the protocol and associated outcomes.

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How is the Information entered into the EIAS?

Licensed hospital staff of the EIAS are given access to the software as well as accompanying documentation and tutorials.  Most of the information required in EIAS can be found in existing patient records and would only need to be copied over to EIAS.

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What type of Information is collected and registered into the ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS)?

To use EIAS for analyzing data, the hospital staff first collect and store a wide array of relevant information during the patient’s perioperative journey, from pre-admission to discharge and follow-up.  The type of information collected is specified in the guidelines and is relevant due to its role in enhancing recovery after surgery.  For this reason,

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How to get on board with ERAS®?

If you are new to the ERAS® Protocols, we recommend that you and your perioperative team all attend the ERAS® Implementation Program (EIP). The EIP is a comprehensive training program which is suitable for your whole perioperative team, running over an 8 to 10-month period and where the use of the ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS) is an integral part. The ERAS® Implementation Program is

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