ERAS® -Enhanced Recovery After Surgery – Knowing, Not Guessing

Newly published articles in JAMA Surgery emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary team work as well as continuous audit and follow up of outcomes and processes in order to be successful in the ERAS® work. As stated “For proper ERAS to work, we have to move from guessing to knowing our processes and outcomes.” Please read more at JAMA Network website.

Encare offers the ERAS® Interactive Audit System for continuous quality audit and follow up of the ERAS® work and is now available including Protocols for the surgical areas of Colorectal, Gynecology, Urology/Cystectomy, Pancreas, Liver, Bariatric, Head & Neck and Breast Reconstruction.

Please contact us for details on how to be set up with the ERAS® Interactive Audit System.

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