How ERAS® can help reduce the COVID-19 backlog

The global pandemic interrupted daily healthcare around the world. Surgeries were some of the first appointments to halt as operating rooms began to double as intensive care units for the patients needing ventilatory support for COVID-19 pulmonary failure. This change in everyday practice has led to a fast-growing surgical backlog.

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ERAS has been shown to reduce surgical complications which leads to fewer readmissions and shorter hospital stays. This will reduce costs, increase healthcare efficiency, improve patient satisfaction, and promote multidisciplinary teamwork.

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CLINICA UNIVERSITARIA COLOMBIA (CUC) ERAS® QUALIFIED The Colorectal Team of University of Clinica Universitaria Colombia (CUC) in Bogotá, Colombia recently completed their ERAS® Implementation Program! Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the team has been able to demonstrate great improvements in the perioperative care and acquired the necessary skills in ERAS® Enhanced Recovery

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ERAS® – A Success from the Nurse’s Perspective

A newly published article based on a survey among ERAS® Nurses, brings up factors such as improving patient outcomes and satisfaction being rated as main motivators for an ERAS® implementation. Further, in order to sustain a successful ERAS® Implementation, factors such as continuous staff education and coordination beyond the implementation period, appear to be of utmost importance.

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Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin became ERAS® Qualified Center

Congratulations to the teams at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany for completing their ERAS® Implementation Program with the training team Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, Switzerland, supported by the Encare and Medtronic team joining from remote workplaces.

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Alberta Health Services in Canada have been adopting the ERAS® program for several years showing good results. They have performed a return on investment analysis based on their implementation of several protocols (colorectal, pancreas, cystectomy, liver and gynecology) throughout 9 hospitals including about 10,000 patients. Their result shows a return of investment ratio of 1.05 to 7.31, meaning that every dollar invested in ERAS® brought $1.05 to $7.31 in return. 

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Interview with Prof. Olle Ljungqvist – Compliance in ERAS®

Prof. Olle Ljungqvist, the Chairman of ERAS® society answered a few most frequently asked questions about compliance in ERAS® (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) in a video. In the following video, he answered: How is compliance calculated? How is compliance measured in perioperative phases? What are the most important elements to adhere to in an ERAS® protocol? What is a good compliance rate?

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